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A D&D Christmas Guide

With Christmas looming, don't feel pressured to use next-day delivery sites and 'easy' options - there's still time to shop small, giving gifts that are unique and meaningful, cutting down on your carbon footprint, and supporting small artists and businesses.

Each small business may have different Christmas post cut-offs, but as an example of when to order by we will use our last Christmas post dates: for UK orders, order by December 9th and for International orders, order by December 1st. This will generally guarantee that you get your items in good time before Christmas! We send all our packages tracked 48 or 24 hour postage.

But what to get the player or DM who has it all? For something meaningful; shop handmade. We have a variety of handmade products right here on Dice Farm that would make wonderful presents; so let's see what wonderous items you could grab today:

Battle-Towel: The Battlemap Tea-Towel

This is no ordinary battlemap - this is the Battle-Towel, a beautiful and vibrant printed battlemap on a cotton tea-towel. Perfect for the DM who is prone to spillages, and a perfect gift from a messy player.

These are £12 each, and are available on the Homeware page.

Mystery D6 Baubles

These adorable baubles hang from the tree until the special day, when your recipient gets to open it up and unwrap their own handmade and eco-friendly D6 die. They come with a handwritten 'Mystery D6 Inside' label but this can be removed if you really want to make it a surprise!

These are £10 each, and available on the Homeware page.

The Success & The Failure A4 Print

The biggest of our hand carved prints is the Tarot piece; a reversible design showing a Nat 20 and a Nat 1. With each piece being hand printed, they are all unique and original prints and are printed onto Lokta paper - a sustainable plant fibre paper.

These are £15 each, and available on the Homeware page.

Coaster of Casting

Want a little stocking filler for your players? These Spell-Coasters make a great little something to get all of your players around your game table. Not only are these coasters but they are functional terrain spell-circles! So they can be used on the battle-map when the party needs to cast a circle.

These are £5 each, and available on the Homeware page.

Eco-Friendly Handmade Dice Sets

If you're wanting to go all out with Christmas this year, why not gift a set of handmade dice? Every set we make is faux-stone - an eco friendly material, made in an environmentally conscious studio.

Pictured is Conjure Fey.

From £30 - £60, full range on the Dice page.

For more handmade goodies to gift; there are plenty of great small businesses to support.

Why not check out some of our favourites?

For handmade scrunchies - try Tabletop Crafter

For the kids - try Mini Geek Boutique

For some badass garments - try Uknite The Realm Apparel

For D&D themed smellies - try ChaosCurios

For dice tray sets - try TrayedandTested

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