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June's Adventuring Update

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

We're back with another update to let you know what we've been up to, what's new, and what to look out for next at the Dice Farm!

UKGE: Thank you!

We had SUCH a blast at UK Games Expo - it was incredible meeting so many of you, seeing how much you loved the dice, and getting to be surrounded by fellow nerds. It was such a wonderful experience that I can't begin to put it into words.

June Drop: Dice Trays!

As knackered as we were from expo, we wanted to get new products available to you as quickly as possible - so last night we had our June drop! This featured a few new dice sets, but mainly the star of the show is our brand-new dice trays. The trays are made of Jesmonite just like our dice, and lined with vegan cork leather - they're beautiful pieces, all crafted by hand in our eco-conscious and low-waste studio. There are ten unique pieces available!

And of course, new dice!

On top of the dice trays, we couldn't have a website update without dice! There are three brand-new gorgeous designs available on the website, and you can click through the images to find out more about each set. There is only one of each design, so act fast if you want one!

Update from our assistant, Shao-May:

"Meow meow meow meow, meow meow. Meow, meow!"

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